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The date is the 19th January. The golfing season is still yet to begin. But I have just been watching the HSBC Abu Dhabi and the golfing bug is well and truly back. After playing a fair bit over the Christmas break, and playing fairly well, I am really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

I played a few times with the brother, and despite a few chunks, I patted it around nonchalantly in my typical way and earned the bragging rights. I’ve had a wee wrist injury for quite some time, but I can still play with only a little pain. Then, I played with a good pal of mine over at Bowood. I was taken aback by the quality of the course despite the peculiar winter weather we have had. I played well, too. I just really enjoyed it over there. Since then, I’ve joined.

I’ve decided that by the time I start at university (wherever that may be) I want to be off at least two. I think that is doable. I am going to try and track my progress on here and on Golf Data Lab throughout the season. I just want to make a good go of it. I need to make sure I play in both Marlborough and Bowood Club Championships and also Wiltshire County Championships to get me back in the competitive mindset. Over the last year and a half, that has been missing. Of course, due to exams, golf went on the backburner, but I am still playing well. I just need to get that grit and edge back to challenge in comps again.

I definitely don’t want to make this all Peter Finch cringeworthy, but let’s see what happens. I might write a wee report of my round at Bowood tomorrow with accompanying Data Lab Stats. Might make for some interesting reading.


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