Magic and Abandonment

Woiiioiiii. This is an example of the noises I am making whilst watching Tiger Woods blitz the 3rd round of the Tour Championship on the PGA Tour. The big cat is back. Similarly, Yeovil’s incosistency is back as well. Since I last wrote one of these, Yeovil have been on fire. Last week they were ranked 2nd in the country in the EFL Power Rankings. Helped brilliantly by a superb 6-0 away win at Newport. Unfortunately the 6-game clean sheet run came to an end against Swindon today. Of all teams. Swindon. I was planning on making the trip to Huish Park; a chance I rarely get to have. However, I decided on an FA Cup tie instead. Hungerford v Wantage Town in the 2nd round of qualifying.


It has been a frustrating couple of weeks for Crusaders fans. On a simple level, results have not been ideal with defeats inflicted by Bath, Gloucester and Torquay. A surprising 1-0 win over Dartford is in there somehow, though. I attended both the Gloucester and Torquay games and simply can’t help feeling a spark is missing. I regret to elude to Bobby Wilkinson here, but even in games where you could tell Hungerford were the weaker side, you always felt they could knick a goal and clinch a result. Of late, with an admittedly weaker squad and less resources available, going behind seems to be the team’s ultimatum. Once a goal down, heads drop and the chance of a result becomes minimal. My dad could talk to you for days about the statistic importance of scoring the first goal, however regardless of that you simply cannot ignore the lack of spirit and confidence in the side.


I try to refrain from doom and gloom stories, and it is still only the beginning of a long season, however, the alarm bells are ringing, big time. The departure of Harvey Bradbury being a huge dissapointment.

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